What is current affairs covering January, February mid 2013 highlights

Do you have a question that what is current affairs or what is current affairs 2013 then here it is the answer for you. Current Affairs is one common thing that you must have if you prepare for any govt or PSU or Private sector in the market or in the India. Its current affaires who helps you to stay on top on civil services exam and quiz questions for IQ and others.

Take a Long breath and start reading surely helps you to be move on with this current environment and competitive world. All news are in descending orders. form Feb 18 to Jan 1st 2013.

  1. Australia won the ICC women’s World Cup, 6th Time, Host of the game is India. Australia beat the West Indies by 114 runs
  2. David Cameron, British Prime Minister 3 THREE DAY visit to India started from 18th Feb, 2013 his visit RELATED TO THE investment WORTH $25 billion in India for development new cities and districts along a 600 mile corridor between Mumbai and Bangalore.
  3. 2011 Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development:
    President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee conferred the prize to Mrs. Ela Ramesh Bhatt (a Women social worker) with a grand ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhavan on 18th feb 2013.
    Mrs Bhatt has a nobal organisation called SEWA. She also have Conferred with Padama shri awards at 1985, and Padam Bhushan at 1986.
  4. Full form:-
    SEWA: Self-Employed Women’s Association of India
  5. PSU Bank On two days Strike from Feb 20, 2013 onwards for Increases in their wages.
  6. UNINOR close its Services in Mumbai due to Political Harassment.More than 20 Lakh users were affected.Uninor is work under Telenor group which has Presence in more than 13 countries in Europe and Asia.150 million total worldwide users that it have.
  7. DOT block 72 url of IIPM Under IT ACT,by CERT
  8. All New Honda CR-V 2013 launched at Rs 19.95 lakh Delhi
  9. Full forms:
    1. UNHCR : United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
    2. NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    3. NASSCOM : National Association of Software and Services Companies
    4. BAFTA: British Academy of Film and Television Arts
    5. BCIM: Bangladesh, China, India and Myanmar
    6. CERT:Computer Emergency Response Team
  10. World Radio Day GK Updates:Date: 13th Feb, 2013. On Nov, 2011, 36th Gen, Conference of UNSECO Approves to celebrates 13th February, as World Radio Day.
  11. Head of Egypt’s National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority Abdal-Rahamn al-Sawi They shut dwon YouTube in Egypt, as per a court verdict and thus other google services also be shut in the Country.
  12. The XVIth Pope Benedict resign on the 28th of this month due to age and health problems.
  13. International Olympic Committee drops wrestling from 2020 onwards Olympic Games(its is Process not applied right now)
  14. India-Italy Corrupted Defence DEAL:
    The head of Italian state-controlled defence group Finmeccanica. Finmeccanica Chief Executive and Chairman Giuseppe Orsi arrested.
    It is commented that the deal is related to the sale of helicopters to the Indian government.. “but still no comment from the govt. officials”
  15. The greatest music show on Earth current GK Updates 2013:
    Known as: The Grammy Awards
    Venue: Los Angeles
    Opening: A stage performance by pop star Taylor Swift.
    Album of the year award :Babel of America of Mumford & Sons.
    date:10th feb, 2013
    Show host: LL Cool J.
    Babel sold 600,000 copies in the US it its first week.
  16. SAAN Conference Current affairs updates 2013:-
    • SAAN: Acronym for South Asian Autism Network.
    • UPA Chairperson Mrs. Sonia Gandhi: Inaugurate the conference.
    • India, Bangladesh, Thailand and World Health Organisation-WHO among others meets.
    • Representatives from India and Bangladesh will present the official SAAN charter for adoption by all network member states.
    • “Autism”: is a developmental disorder which is characterized by communication difficulties, social, behavioral challenges as well as repetitive behaviours.
    • World Health Organisation: WHO autism patient increase from 10% to 14% between 1990 to 2011. It is expected to grow to 15% by 2020.
  17. World Book Fair 2013 organized in New Delhi also called New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF) read more:

    • From past 40 years it is scheduled every year in India’s Capital New Delhi.
    • Duration: 4th feb -10th February 2013
    • Venue: Pragati Maidan exhibition grounds, New Delhi.
    • Organiser: National Book Trust, India. This is an apex body of the Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development.
    • Co-organiser: Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO), Nodal agency of the Government of India, Ministry of Commerce for promoting the country’s external
    • Guest of Honor Country 2013: France
    • Theme: “‘Indigenous Voices: Mapping India’s Folk and Tribal Literature”‘

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